In the end it's all smoke

19 March
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CJ Ruby is a longtime member of the Sandbaggers' Game Club in Great Falls, Montana. He is a gamer who enjoys war games, strategy games, card games, and role-playing games. CJ is also a play-tester and contributor for 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming.

CJ is a tribe member of the Lake Superior Chippewa of Northern Wisconsin. His writing interests are pre-Columbian and modern Anishinabe lore and magic. He is writing a novel which combines stories from both eras. He also writes science fiction and fantasy tales.

CJ is currently writing/designing the original roleplaying game system, Exploding Aces, for 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming. He has a few other RPG projects in the pipeline after Exploding Aces is completed.

You can email CJ at c.j.ruby@hotmail.com. You can find him at http://cj-ruby.livejournal.com/ on LJ and http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home on FB. http://www.explodingaces.com will be up with the game launch.